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London Fashion Week 17 X Fashion Bomb Daily X Cocktails With Claire

London Fashion Week 17 X Fashion Bomb Daily X Cocktails With Claire

Sep 12, 2017


I know you all have been waiting for more images from my London fashion week event which many of you especially those that follow me on Instagram are aware of. It was such a busy weekend from one event to the other in celebration of London fashion week. The first event was a popup shop for my clothing line Ivyekongfashion. Images from this event aren't out yet! I will post the moment I receive the official images. The other event is the one hosted by pop fresh London with Claire Sulmers,  Editor of who happens to be a dear friend. Here are the images from that event.

You can get your hands on my stunning dress before they sell out here. I styled it with a nude Christian Louboutin pump from here. I accessorised with a Moschino waist belt and a classic Chanel bag.

 If you're a regular visitor to this blog you know how important women empowerment is to me. I love to be in the midst of women who empower each other instead of tearing each other down or competing unnecessarily. Women like that are always the strong ones who prefer to build, instead of destroying and that's who Claire Sulmers is. I am too honoured to be called her friend not because of what she is, but because of who she is. (Don't ask me how we met ? that's a story for another day). In essence,  what I'm getting at here is that we can't do it all by ourselves, we need each other.

 Did I also mention that Claire has a book? Yes, she does! And it's one you all need to read. Check out her Instagram profile on how to order a copy. Thank me later!

I'm obsessed with my dress. The colour is perfect for the season too. Go get yours quickly from That is all, for now, my lovelies. I hope you enjoyed reading this. I know a lot of you are still waiting for images from my London fashion week event. I will post shortly I promise! As usual read my other post here here and here Bye for now, and stay fabulous! Love Ivy