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Faux Leather Skirts Under £50

Faux Leather Skirts Under £50

Jan 30, 2017


Leather skirts are a must have for winter. They play an important role in the way we dress all year long, except for those in a warm climate of course! I particularly love the chic and classic look leather skirts gives to any ensemble. If you do not own one already then you must be missing out as it's very easy to style leather skirts. I always tell my friends when they ask, to just wear a bodysuit,  throw on your leather skirt, accessorise and go! just as I have done now. There is really no better way to wear a leather skirt. If you want to go a bit further then experiment with a crop top, denim shirt, etc. Most tops will work effortlessly.

People always say; "a real leather skirt is expensive to buy", Because of that they try to stay totally off it. Well, there is something called faux leather, just the way we have faux and real fur. Faux leather looks almost just like real leather skirts, the only difference is the feel of the skirt and of course the price. My skirt is a faux leather skirt. Did you even notice the difference? Of course not! So it's ok to buy the faux leather skirts if you're not willing to splurge on the real ones. Some faux leather skirts are actaully  more expensive than the real ones. So it depends totally on your taste and budget.

I have done the most work and have researched some leather skirts under £50. Shop these skirts directly using the provided links. Let me know your thoughts?

This Lipsy Embroidered mini skirt can be paired with a thigh high boots or pumps.

Oasis suede faux leather skirt has been reduced. This front zip faux leather skirt is so gorgeous.

Warehouse leather look skirt

Dorothy Perkins  leather look skirt