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Far Away In Nigeria #cleansewithme

Far Away In Nigeria #cleansewithme

Jun 04, 2016


Hello my lovelies, it's been the most craziest and busiest two weeks of my life far away in Nigeria. Like every other person and even the greatest fashionistas, or celebrities out there, we all have our moments and our ups and down. I usually do not discuss private matters on my blog but I wanted to make this an exception and share my past few months with you guys just so you get to know me a little better.

 Ok! were do I start? My dad who is so loving, so caring, so warm, passed on a few months ago. Even though he was old and has lived the most of his life, it still hurts a lot to know that you will never see your dad anymore. He lived in Nigeria with my mum and they had a beautiful and loving life.

We have been preparing for his funeral for a while and finally layed him to rest last weekend at my home town in Nigeria (God Rest His Soul). His funeral came with a lot of mixed feelings, sometimes joy and other times sadness and tears as you would expect in such situation. It also came with a lot of junk food and no workout.

For the first time in 2 years I didn't work out for two whole weeks. That wasn't funny at all. I was just too busy in the moment to think about going to the gym and rightly so. Also attending your dad's funeral physically drains you up to the extent that you lose your strength physically and mentally. Nigeria is my first home. I was born and brought up in Nigeria. When I go home there are loads of aunties and uncles who wants to pamper me and feed me with all the local Nigeria meals till I return to the UK (lol).

As a result of all the ceremonies, I have piled on 3kg. Which I think is not so much and will be easy to shed if I stay determined. So guys come with me as I cleanse my system for the next 7 days. In the past I have shared some healthy receipes on this blog and will continue to do that. For me, consistency is key to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

For the next few days, I will be cleaning my body off all the toxic and unhealthy food I ate in my beautiful country, Nigeria. I will be doing a Here cleaning using : Marple Syrub Grinder ginger Lemon All mixed in lukewarm water. This recipe is very good for detoxing and cleansing. It will get your body to work extra hard to get ride of toxins and you will frequent the toilet.

If you want to join me as usual, feel free to. Don't forget to leave me a comment if you need any help while you're on this journey with me. Many thanks to my friends and family for their support and encouragement during these past few weeks. To my ride or die friends in Nigeria ( You guys know who you are ?) I love you dolls. Rest in Peace daddy. I love you and miss you. Xoxo Ivy Ekong