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Fall | Winter Layers - The Challenges of layering

Fall | Winter Layers - The Challenges of layering

Oct 10, 2016


We have been discussing about Fall/ Winter outfits on the blog since the past two weeks, because that's the season we're currently in, and unlike some of us who are naturally fashionistas, some people do find this time of the year a bit challenging when it comes to dressing up while still looking stylish in those Winter outfits filled with layers upon layers.  Fall | Winter Layers  Fall | Winter Layers - The Challenges of layering Even when we all know that we have to cover up this season in other not to catch cold and become ill, we still want to look very stylish in those layers. That can be done by making sure that the emphasis on the layers you put on is not in the forefront of your outfit. What I mean by this is that, instead of wearing a waist coat, then a jacket, and then top it up with another bulky coat, you should instead wear a warm under wear such as thermals, or even a warm bodysuit before your main outfit and then throw on a coat. This way you will still keep warm without losing the style sense in your outfit. Fall | Winter Layers - The Challenges of layering As walked the streets of Central London some days back, I couldn't help but laugh at some point with the type of street  style I saw. I just could not believe what I was seeing. That we are in a cold season doesn't give us the right to look like stuffed turkeys. Yes, I agree totally to keep warm but wearing four to five outfits in one body is not fun at all. I got inspired to do this post after what I saw some days back.  So here are some of my ideas on how you can do Fall/winter layering in style; Must-Have Layering Piece:

  • A Knit Sweaterdress:  For those days when you simply cannot imagine pulling on another pair of pants, go for a sweaterdress. Choose a formfitting one, or rock a more relaxed version with the aforementioned layering essential, knee-high boots.
  • A Printed Scarf : A scarf is a must have for this season. It will keep you warm around your neck region.  We all know that's were the cold gets through your body from. Adding a colourful scarf is a very stylish way of layering without over doing it. A  printed scarf is sure to function as your windy-day BFF.
  • A Tuxedo Blazer : Less masculine than a boyfriend blazer and more polished than a leather jacket, a tuxedo jacket can be layered over  a gown, worn with a blouse and shorts, or paired with matching pants, and basically anything and everything.

Also, make sure that all of your pieces are classic in colour and style,  (think neutrals like navy blue, winter white, camel, and oxblood)  so that wearing a bunch of them at the same time doesn’t look sloppy or unintentional. I am wearing a jeans short from here white shirt is from here Bag is Chanel Coat is from Zara Boots from here Happy layering and have a good week you all.