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Encouraging Women To Live A Little

Encouraging Women To Live A Little

Nov 14, 2016


I would first like to remind all you gorgeous ladies that ‘’we are so worth it’’. I have met some women who constantly think less of themselves. They tend to focus on the negatives instead of the positives. My question is, why do you think you’re not worth it? Or that your life is over because you’re a mum? Isn’t that when your life just began? They say life begins at 50 and that’s very true. Sometimes in our lives it is very necessary to go away to a beautiful country and just take a breather.

We are often choked by the day to day activities in our lives that as women we forget to live and breathe. We often worry about our kids, our home, we worry about our partner, our friends, the list I must say is unending and most times in all of these, where are we? Apart from being a mother, a wife, and the one who puts everyone else first apart from yourself, who are you? When was the last time you pampered yourself, or even gave yourself a treat? Don’t get me wrong, family is first, but women are the glue that holds our families together. If that glue isn’t in a proper state, then it won’t work. In order to be in proper state of mind, we women do deserve to spoil ourselves a little bit at least once in a while. We deserve a trip to the spas, a weekend getaway and even that hair blow dry we have been postponing for weeks.

I wrote on my Instagram page a few days ago that we women can be anything we want to be. We only need to believe it. Who says you can’t live a little, or even a lot.  Just because you’re a mum doesn’t mean that you have to ignore yourself and dress shabbily.  Who says you can’t buy that gorgeous dress, or shoes you have been keeping your eyes on in the department store or online? No one!  No matter how old you are, your age, your background, big, thin, tall or short, mum or no mum, you deserve to live life to the fullest.

Sometimes people say leaving your child to have an away time alone or with your partner is selfish. Well dear, I’d rather be selfish if that’s what it  would take to make me a better mum and wife. There is nothing as good as coming back home well rested and refreshed for the challenges ahead. When I think of my childhood and upbringing, many of my memories are filled with great food, music, sharing stories, lots of love and most of all, many meaningful memories that fill my heart, to this day.

My mum gave us so much and most importantly she modeled how to make the most of life’s precious opportunities and moments by coloring outside the lines a little, involving their true passions, and enjoying the gift of the present moment. Taking out time for self-development and gratification.   I encourage you to do the same. Buy the shoes. Eat the cheesecake. Go to the gym. Buy that dress. Call that loved one you haven’t spoken to in years. Purpose in your mind, heart, and spirit to enjoy some part of everyday of your life…Live life to its fullest! Wishing you all a good week lived fabulously and without regrets. Dress said from here XOXO IVY EKONG