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Dubai Diaries – ‘’The Walk’’ At Jumeirah Beach

Dubai Diaries – ‘’The Walk’’ At Jumeirah Beach

Nov 07, 2016


Travel diaries are always fun for me to write; I have just been too busy to post this.  I know some of you are wondering why I haven’t written any post about my recent trip to Dubai? I have been so busy trying to sort out different stuff that needed my attention. Please bear with me my loves, and here it is! Dubai Dairies the walk  I recently got back from my trip to Dubai and want to share my favorite moments, and some tips on where to eat, shop, and what to wear if you go!  This trip wasn’t like any of my past Dubai trips, because I went there with my kids and close friends. We had such a wonderful time even though the kid’s enjoyment was our priority.  We stayed at Hilton Jumeriah Beach, ‘‘The Walk’’.  This location is a prime location in Dubai and I would highly recommend this hotel. They also have apartments which are very lovely and spacious. Usually I stay at ‘’Atlantis The Palm’’ Hotel, so it was a good change of scene during this trip. What I love about ‘’the walk’’ is that there are loads of beautiful hotels facing the beach on that stretch. If you’re curious to know more about the hotels on ‘’the walk’’ then it will be a good idea to google it and find the best deals that suits your budget for these hotels.

[caption id="attachment_3314" align="alignnone" width="768"]Dubai Diaries – ‘’The Walk’’ At Jumeirah Beach Playing around in my hotel lobby[/caption]

I would have really loved to meet some of you especially those who tweeted me requested for a meet up, but it just wasn’t possible this time. You know how it is when you go on holiday with kids. It’s so much fun but sometimes chaotic as well. They want to swim all day, go to the water park all day, and virtually the holiday kind of revolves around them. I am planning some meet ups for next year and will announce the dates and countries once it’s been confirmed. The above photo was taken on ‘’the walk’’ just outside Hilton Hotel and apartments.  The thing about Dubai is that no matter how many times you visit, you can never get enough out that  city. It’s always my best destination any time any day. Dubai Diaries – ‘’The Walk’’ At Jumeirah Beach Having a stroll at Dubai Marina wearing Levis jeansmoshino beltpublic desire heels and a black bodysuit I bought from River Island some years back. That night we had dinner at the only Nigerian restaurant in Dubai. The restaurant is called ‘’Kiza’’ and there is always a life band there at night time. The restaurant has a very beautiful ambience,  and it’s one of the restaurants I recommend visiting when you go to Dubai. I wore this gorgeous black dress and accessorized with a Hermes belt and a Saint Laurent Nano bagDubai Diaries – ‘’The Walk’’ At Jumeirah Beach Some of the restaurants I enjoyed are P.F  Chang’s  Dubai,  Chilis Jumeirah Beach, Kiza restaurant which I mentioned earlier, EggpectationsThe butcher’s Shop and Grill.   All these restaurants are all on the walk’’ at Jumeirah Beach. I don’t mind coming back again and again just to eat in these restaurants,  especially the Butcher’s Shop and Grill, because I love prawns and steak so much. If you’re like me then you will definitely love these restaurants.

This was our last night in Dubai, I wore this self potrait dress and Kurt Geiger London Bond heels.  I was already feeling very bloated here from all the food and loads of alcohol we had all through the week. I didn’t  get much exercise either but I was very happy to eat and pile on Carbs for just a week knowing that it will take two or three trips to the gym when I return back to London to get ruined of the extra calories. If you’re looking to shop in Dubai, you can visit the Gold Souk, 54 Al Khor St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates. If you’re after designer items, then of course your best shopping destination is Dubai Mall.  The places I so much wanted to visit which I couldn’t go are, the desert safari tour, and the Mosque at Abu Dhabi. Hopefully I will be able to do that when next I visit. That’s it my loves, have a good week you all. XOXO Ivy Ekong.