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Beautiful in Your Skin

Beautiful in Your Skin

Nov 23, 2015


There’s nothing more uplifting than going to the beauty salon and getting your hair done or enjoying a pamper day. You feel great, you look great and you add that new outfit you just picked up and all is right in the world. At least until the next day when the makeup is gone, the hair needs more work and you are back in your everyday clothes. The confidence vanishes, the uplift goes flat and nothing seems to look good on you. So how do you feel beautiful in your skin and have that confidence no matter what you are wearing? image Internal makeover If you mention an internal makeover, people instantly think about some strange and unpleasant procedure to clean out your insides! But the reality is that an internal makeover is more about changing your approach and your mind set than anything being done to you. Only you can give yourself an internal makeover and only you know what works for you and what you need to be beautiful. image image One of the first secrets to a successful internal makeover is confidence. Great clothes make you feel great, accessories finish the style but if you aren’t confident in them, then your look won’t come off. Here I am wearing one of those new bonded dresses from ASOS – they feel great and makes me feel very beautiful in my skin. The dress is also very flattering to your figure. My Valentino shoes perfectly match the colour of the dress while the contrast of the pink Chanel bag completes the look. But why does it all work so perfectly? Sure they are quality items that fit me perfectly. But you can sometimes see women in the black fashion magazines in London or on the websites that are wearing quality clothes and don’t look the part. The reason my look works is because I am confident in it – I know it suits me and I feel beautiful in my skin. image image

Clothes are a great way to build your confidence but there are others ways to exude confidence and make your skin look beautiful as well. Exercise is a great way to get those positive vibes flowing because it releases endorphins that make us feel terrific. This in turn boosts our self-confidence and can be carried into other areas of our life. You all know how physical active I am. It pays off in the long run. Eating healthy is another way to make you feel good about yourself. Fresh foods give us so much goodness that we positively glow and when we feel good inside, this shows on the outside and can make us feel beautiful. Eating the right foods at the right time also gives us energy to do things, whether that is exercise or shopping or anything else we enjoy. image A lot of people talk of the benefits of meditation and while in our busy lives there may not seem to be time for it, a little can go a long way. Make a little niche for some quietness in your day and learn a few simple breathing exercises to help calm yourself. The last one sounds funny but is a proven fact – smile more! When you smile, it makes you feel happy and good about the world and also gives you that warm glow and inner beauty. Smile and share your happiness with others and you will feel it bounce back to you. Being beautiful in your own skin is so worth it. Love Ivy