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Bathing suit for women with curves

Bathing suit for women with curves

May 16, 2016


Bathing suit? oh yea!! The weather is burning hot now and it's surely the bathing suit season. But fear not! We're breaking down the best fit and shape tips for every body type for your swimsuit shopping reference. This is why my expertise as a style consultant comes in handy to help you dolls find the perfect bathing suit and never again have the dreaded dressing room moment when you scream noooooo!!!!

The very first thing you should have in mind when shopping for a bathing suit is to look for one that suits your body type and realistically so. Don't buy a bathing suit just because it looked beautiful on miss A. That doesn't mean it's the right cut, size or even colour for you. Since its the bathing suit season,am sure you all know that Instagram and Pin interest is filled with photos of bathing suits. Some do make me laugh out loud, especially when you wear one which is obviously not right for your body type. Ladies let's dig in.


If you are curvy: You may have a full bust, hips, thighs, and behind—think Kim Kardashian or the likes of Amber Rose. Highlight your curves with retro shapes, color blocking, and asymmetrical suits. Black or plain white bathing suits works for this body type. These days curvy is trendy. Unlike those days when stylist used to advice their clients to wear what will conceal their curves. Since the era of the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Amber Rose, the list is unending, I say go all out with it ! " flaunt it if you've got it''! Tip: If you’re not keen on exaggerating curves, opt out of string bikinis.

If you are Apple Shaped: It means you're carrying weight mostly throughout your middle. You will want to conceal your tummy. There are plenty of one and two-piece options to help smooth out your middle. Shirring, a high waist, and tankinis will help camouflage the area were you are not so confident.   If you're wearing a bathing suit, try throwing on a cover up too. This usually helps build your confidence in those areas you're not so proud of.


If you are a Rectangle: Big up around the bust and tummy area but small below then worry no further. Look out for Bra-style tops, a higher back, and thick straps to provide extra support (so the girls stay up and at all times). Be sure you have enough coverage up top to keepeverything that needs to stay in, in!

If you are a  Neat Hourglass: It means you have a balanced proportions. People who are neat hourglass are usually referred to as the perfect body type (that's if there is anything such as perfection)! You can literally get away with wearing anything. You will look good in stripes bathing suits, horizontal, your choices are endless. You only need to be aware of the colour, and make sure you choose a bathing suit colour that suits you. That's it my lovelies. Be sure to tag me on Instagram when you have those bathing suits on. All the bathing suits featured in this post can be purchased here Till my next post. Xoxo Ivy Ekong