Another Chance In The New Year

Since we have only two days left before this year is over , I wanted to encourage my readers a little and also to show my favourite outfits which I rocked this year. I want anyone who vista this blog not to only be inspired by my style but also get some empowerment from my content . image   Adverts are often one of those things that you endure rather than enjoy while waiting for the next part of your favourite program to come along. Occasionally, you see one that makes you laugh or makes you feel nostalgic and very occasionally, you run into one that makes you think about your life and be grateful for what you have. Processed with MOLDIV It also made me think about the other things in life that I am thankful for and that I have another chance to enjoy them every day. We wake up and hurry into our lives, not always pausing to think how lucky we are and that others are less fortunate. It is easy to become wrapped up in the moment and feel the pressures of life pressing us into movement. Processed with MOLDIV Processed with MOLDIV I try to give myself a little pause every day to appreciate the life I have and the people in it. Perhaps the most important present we can receive this year is time spent with friends and family. Material items may be great fun but can never replace those special times spent this year and another chance to tell someone that you love them. Processed with MOLDIV Processed with MOLDIV So when the New year comes around, why not channel that inner kid, jump out of bed at a silly time in the morning be happy for what you have accomplished this year and how far you have come.  While you are there, spare a bit of time  for those less fortunate and lets all appreciate what we have this festive season and into the new year beyond. You all would have noticed that this blog is not just for fashion alone, it's a platform for us women to encourage each other. We all have new year resolutions. Let's make it count. You can say oh what should I be thankful for on the new year when I didn't get that job I wanted, or that designer handbag I prayed for all year. Well, you are alive, that something to be thankful for in the new year. Let's have an open heart for the new year and be greatful for this ending year. image Processed with MOLDIV These outfits featured on this post has at some point be featured on my blog on the past. This is just a recap of my best looks this year. If you need any information on who am wearing and were to purchase them. Please search for it on the blog or just send me a message. Have a lovely new year celebration. Love Ivy.    

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