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5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Waist Belt On coats In 2018

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Waist Belt On coats In 2018

Jan 15, 2018


Wearing waist belt on coats is something that most people are certainly used to while others are not, and do not see any reason to. Well, I am sure after reading this post you will gladly join the waist belt on coats team! Aside from this being a trend that most celebrities and fashion bloggers have been spotting, it is also very essential and adds a touch of class to your outfit while showing off your hourglass figure, thanks to wait belts. Even though most coats comes with a matching belt attached, I still prefer to style mine with a leather waist belt instead. Here are 5 reasons why you need to try this trend in 2018;

Defines Your Waist Line Every woman wants a smaller and more defined waist line and that's exactly what waist belts does when you wear one with your coat. After all, winter coats are already very bulky and does make us look bigger than we actually are, but when you wear a waist belt on your coat, it suddenly defines your waist line and gives you a great curve. Adds A Touch Of Class To Your Outfit Belts naturally gives any outfit a touch of class be it a waist belt or a belly belt. Imagine having a sagging trouser, or a skirt that won't stay in place. Nobody  wants that sort of dressing anymore, unless of course you're a musician or a hip hop artist, you can maybe get away with that during a stage performance. If you're like the rest of us, then you want your winter outfit to scream class! In other to achieve this, put a belt on your coat. It will immediately make your outfit look like a million bucks.

Good Way to Match Your Waist Belt With Your Accessory Have you ever put on a coat and thought  ''oh what does this coat go with?'' Well, that will be a good time to put a belt on it. If you are wearing a black waist belt for an example, you could accessorize with a black shoes or hand bag. Same applies to any colour of waist belt you decide to wear. It's so much easier to accessories the remaining part of your outfit if you stay with the belt colour theme. Waist Belts are Super cute Waist belts are also super cute and will make your coat look very cute too. Its bad enough that we have to wear coats all winter long, which gets so tiring and boring sometimes as we would all love to be able to show off the beautiful outfit underneath our coat. Well until then, why not make your coat ensemble look super cute by putting a belt on your waist. I suggest placing the belt on the smallest part of your body where it sits comfortably. Waist Belts Holds Your Coat In Place Some coats are very wobbly and never stay in place. Such coats deserves a waist belt to hold them in place. Your entire outfit will look so much better with a waist belt on. You will immediately  get a thinner waist line and also you won't have to be adjusting and read-ajusting your coat every now and again!

My coats is from, my boots are by Michelle Keegan. I hope this tips helps. If you have ever used a waist belt on your coat before, tag me on your Instagram photos and follow me too. Instagram @ivyekong. Have a good week you all, and stay fabulous until my next post. Love Ivy