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Valentine's Night Dramatic Eyeliners

Valentine's Night Dramatic Eyeliners

Jan 26, 2017


What better time to make your eyes pop other than Valentine's eve. That's what eyeliners are known for . Especially during a night out such as Valentine night. Apart from that beautiful red dress we'll be wearing, we also certainly need a flawless makeup. When it comes to eyeliners more is more especially if you want to create a dramatic look.

I wear different types of eyeliners from liquid, to gel, to pencil eyeliners, and even crayon liners. Depending on the look I want to achieve, rotate between three different types of eyeliners. If you ask me, one liner is more than enough but in some cases especially if you're someone like me who is always out and about attending events, etc, one is surely not enough.

During your valentine night out with your friends or even your one and only, you have to make sure your make up is bold and popping. If I’m doing a dramatic cat eye that has to be absolutely perfect, I use for a gel liner. Gel liners are easy to apply even for an amateur. It blends perfectly with a smokey eye makeup, or should I say a very dark eye shadow. For a perfect valentine night out, use a gel liner to get those eyes popping. So this is surely a must have. Liquid eyeliners is every woman's happy place (if you're a makeup addict like me) . They’re more precise than other liners and don’t require as much effort and expertise to be able to successfully apply this. I can use a liquid liner to give me a simple cat eye with a small flick and it only takes me about a seconds to achieve. So if you're a beginner in makeup application, then you should definitely start with a liquid liner.

Pencil eyeliners are the traditional eyeliners that every one is used to. At least my mum still uses it and cannot change it for any reason. Pencil liners are crucial to both glamorous or laid back beauty looks. I can use these on my lid, and have an instant smokey eye look. On a day when I only wear a bit of makeup, I use these to tight line my lash line to make my lashes appear thicker. Whether you're going out for a valentine night or doing lightweight makeup, pencil eyeliner are a girl's best friend no matter how traditional it is. Do you switch it up when it comes to eyeliners.  Leave a comment and be sure to mention your favorite brand. All images by Ivy Ekong Fashion. Do not use without prior permission. Till my next post. Stay fabulous Xoxo Ivy Ekong