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My Trip To Los Angeles

My Trip To Los Angeles

May 15, 2020



Los Angeles is a city I have always wanted to visit especially since I started watching the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, a show I love so much featuring women and mums just like myself. I finally had the opportunity to visit Los Angeles a few weeks ago, and girl! I wasn't disappointed at all. From the good wether, to the beautiful ambience of Beverly Hills, and the food. Oh my! the food was amazing. It was so important to see this beautiful city of Los Angeles with my family. I’m sharing some highlights from my trip along with places for you guys to visit if you ever find yourselves heading to Los Angeles.



For this trip, I flew American airline. which I personally found very uncomfortable. The sits were supper small and there was not enough leg room to even move around. Getting there was honestly a pain but it was worth it, as I really did enjoy LA. So have this in mind when booking American airline, even business class wasn't as spaces as most other airlines I have flown in the past. We probably used a small plane but this was my overall experience. Next time I will not be using America airline as I have learnt my lessons. Not just me, a few passengers had same complaints as well. So bear this in mind.


In Los Angeles, I stayed at the beautiful Beverly Hills Hotel right in Beverly Hills. This hotel is so beautiful and it's just a few minutes away from Rodeo drive which was fantastic. It cost 10 dollars to Uber to Rodeo drive where all the boutiques and restaurants are. If you prefer to walk, it will take between 10- 15 minutes to walk from the hotel to Rodeo drive. The hotel has panoramic views of Beverly Hills city, pool, a gym and spa.



Here are places you can dine in Los Angele;

  • Sur Restaurant:  Onwed by the famous Lisa Vanderpump of the Real housewives of Beverly Hills. Sur restaurant is beautiful with a mixture of meditariana food. The restaurant itself is beautiful with its modern decor.
  • The Cheesecake Factory Rodeo Drive:  If you are shopping on Rodeo drive and want something quick to eat, I highly recommend the Cheese cake factory restaurant. Here you can enjoy a variety of America food, great salads and very good cocktails.
  • Other Restaurants we visited are ;
  • The Ivy Restaurant in Beverly Hills
  • Villa Blanca restaurant on Rodeo Drive
  • Laduree Beverly Hills
  • Asian town for Asian food and a few others.


  • Abbot Keeny
  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Citadel: designer outlet  ( commerce) for discounted designer shopping.
  • Getty Centre
  • Ivy Restaurants
  • The Grove
  • The Observatory
  • Art District in Down Town
  • Sur restaurants
  • VENTURA ranch

I was in LA for 3 weeks. I was there for business for a week and then my family joined me for two weeks. We visited the universal Studios on tow occasions which wasn't still enough. Its so huge that you need at least a week to do everything including the rides. I did enjoy the studio tour and all the behind the scenes that goes into producing a movie/ TV series.

I will definitely be going back to Los Angeles because there is so much we didn't do. Next time we will go to Vegas from there and visit friends as well.

I hope you enjoyed this post. if I left anything out please leave me your comments. If you have been to LA before, I would love to hear from you as well. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram : @IVYEKONG

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