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Why Fashion Bloggers Are Rocking "Mum Jeans"

Why Fashion Bloggers Are Rocking "Mum Jeans"

Sep 21, 2021


Remember when we used to tease our mum when she pulled on those faded, high waisted jeans? Well, it looks like we’re going to have to eat our words, because the mum jeansis back and it's up left and right on the street style scene and is even being sold by high-end designers like Alexander Wang and Levi's. Super popular in the eighties. I remember seeing mum's  rocking their mum jeans  Levi’s 501!

Until recently, we couldn’t possibly think about wearing anything other than skinny jeans? The mum  jeans were considered as being unflattering and unfashioned. Well, all the ‘cool girls, celebrities, and fashion blggers, including myself are wearing them now. Mum  jeans gives you that cool, effortless vintage feeling and they actually can be flattering once you know how to style them. I have loads of jeans,  but always reach for my mum jeans when I want to wear a pair of jeans. Many of you know that I'm not so much of a jeans person, so finding a pair of jeans that works for my body type while still being very stylish is always  on top of my list.

This Levis mum jeans are so figure flattering and are made to enhance a woman's body. You can tuck your folds and imperfections in this jeans and still look like a million bucks. The secret to properly rocking the mom jean is all in the styling..

You need to keep it Classy. This polished look is really making us wonder how we ever doubted the denim. Pop on a sleek body top and a matching pair of pumps and the only mom we’d mistake this gal for is Victoria Beckham. With the mum jeans you need to keep it simple when styling it. Now that the weather is getting cold, a tang or crop top with a coat will do. However you want to style your mum jeans, make sure it's not complicated. The mum jeans also known as the high rise jeans , do wonders to elongate your legs. Pop on a pair of sky-high heels with the jeans and you might as well be a runway model with those never-ending gams. Here are some similar finds. Don't forget to tag me on IG when you get your hands on a pair. Thank you my lovelies for your support and for the love you guys show me here. XOXO IVY EKONG