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Wedding Guest Outfit - What To Wear To A Wedding

Wedding Guest Outfit - What To Wear To A Wedding

Jun 04, 2019


Wedding season is officially upon us, and I’m sure you have a calendar full of weddings to attend this spring and summer. I love weddings and are always trilled to be invited to weddings but like most people, the first question that comes to mind when invited to a wedding is; what should I wear?

If you’re not part of the bridal party, or do not have a family theme/ colour memo, then it’s all fair game to select your own look. But with so many gorgeous dress options available, it can get overwhelming and feel near impossible to get it right. For me the secret is to wear what you are comfortable in. If you are not into maxi dresses, then don't wear it, if you prefer flats or mid heels to high heels, then do wear flat heels. The mistake a lot of wedding guests makes is, wearing what they are not comfortable in because they are either trying to impress people or they feel pressured to go out of their comfort zone.

I was at a friends wedding last weekend, even though the memo was green and blush pink, I decided to wear a dark pink dress when my initial green dress which I was supposed to wear didn't turn up from my dry cleaners. I'm so glad I wore this as a lot of people also wore a similar colour. I guess pink is pink in my world.

After my disappointment with the green Ivy Ekong Fashion dress which I planned to wear, I went with this beautiful Adrianna Papell pink dress. I accessorised with a Gucci belt, a Dior bag and a Christian Louboutin dress. For a variety of wedding guest dresses head to Ivy Ekong Fashion. My dress is now sold out but you can shop similar here.

Let me know your thoughts and tag me on your wedding guest outfit on Instagram and Twitter @Ivyekong.