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Wedding Dress Styling

Wedding Dress Styling

Jan 14, 2016


A new year comes with so many weddings. There are so many weddings lined up for this year. Even though weddings are celebrated every single day of the year around world, in this part of the world, this time of the year is when so many women like to get married. Here are some of my favourite looks from the S/S 16 designer collections that raised the pulses of so many and are set to spark a whole new effect of trends in the bridal world; from Proenza Schouler’s monochrome bows, to Céline’s alluring new neckline that redefines femininity. Scroll down to uncover the cutting-edge wedding dress trends and inspirations for a year of very chic brides!

This Jenny Packham S/S 16 blush and skin-tone fabrics with peek-a-boo tulle sections create an enthereal look and create a pitch perfect base for heavy embroidery. I have been doing a lot of bridal styling lately and still have a few more lined up for later this year. Your wedding dress is one of the single most exciting dresses you’ll ever choose to wear. Wearing your wedding dress is a dream come true for so many of us women. It certainly was for me on my wedding day and I still dream about that day and how beautiful I looked even now. What I'm saying in is that your wedding dress should not be compromised for anything. The way you look that day will last for a lifetime and for generations to come through images from your wedding day, photos, as well as videos.   Issa S/S 16 long white gown was paired with bright and bold heels on the runway. This is quite an unusual way to pair a wedding dress, but for the purpose of the runway I will give an applaud to that form of styling. In reality, a silver or gold heels will do. This Amanda Wakeley's S/S 16 dress is a ladylike way to show a little leg on your wedding day without exposing too much skin. With silk-satin trimmings and two-tone pleats, this is a dress style that'll never loose its cool. Before picking out your wedding dress you need to know your style which will help you determine what style of wedding dress to pick. Some brides hire a stylist to help with this but if you are not financially boyant enough to employ the help of a stylist you can do this on your own by experimenting with different evening dresses. I always advice my clients to go into the shops, try on different evening dresses, ball gowns, fish tail gowns, a-line gowns, there are so many styles to experiment with. Once you realise that there is a particular style that suits you better, then book a wedding dress fitting appointment. This way you already know what you are looking for at the bridal shop and will not look like a lost sheep during your appointment. Yomi Kosibah is also a wedding dress designer I admire a lot. His wedding dress collections are to die for. You can find Yomi Kosibah's in so many Black fashion magazines in London and also in some Nigerian blogs. Finally, while you prepare for your wedding day, remember to be calm and take each day at a time. Have fun while you are at it. Love Ivy. Image credit: Yemi kosibah Instagram