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The High And Low Skirt

The High And Low Skirt

Mar 29, 2016


A woman's wardrobe cannot be complete without the high and low skirt. These type of skirts is called the high and low skirt because the back of the skirt is long, while the front is short. Depending on the style, they make us women look delicate, feminine, outrageously beautiful, strict and charming. If you want to look stunning and feel like a queen, just put on your best skirt. Their variety is amazing, but today I would like to touch upon the high and low skirt which is extremely trendy now.

The high and low skirts is the best choice for tall ladies with beautiful legs, as it highlights perfectly their advantages. I must admit, that high and low skirt is quite demanding and you have to know how to style it correctly. First of all, this kind of skirt loves high heels, but you also can wear it with sandals or flats. The color of the shoes can vary from classic black or beige to bright or pastel depending on the colour of the skirt. As high and low skirts are universal and can be worn any time, you should mind the season when choosing the shoes. Winter variant will look perfect with low shoes or boots with high heels.

Spring has come and I’m bursting excitement at the thought of wearing all the skirts in my wardrobe.I paired the skirt with a black see through body from misguided. I wore a black Louboutins, and a black Viviennewestwood bag. You can style yours with a coat or without a coat as its done in some black fashion blogs in london. Shoes or boots will ideally match this outfit as well. The most important thing is to always consider the color, print and texture of the skirt. They should have a perfect match. The high and low skirt is universal, so it can be easily used with any style. You may turn into a nasty girl just having combined it with lace-boots and leather jacket. Remember a single rule that you should never wear your high and low skirt with asymmetrical pieces of clothes or accessories otherwise the beauty of the skirt will not be noticeable. For instance, a T-shirt with a longer left edge and the skirt with a longer right edge will look awful together.

If you are someone who likes to put on tights especially because of the weather, the decision to either put them on or not should be taken depending on the fabric, texture and color of the skirt. Thin and transparent skirts look better without tights and dark and warm ones on the opposite. It is preferable to wear sole-colored tights, so they couldn’t distract attention from your gorgeous skirt. When it gets a bit warmer, wear your high and low skirt with T-shirts and sports shirts of different style. If you want to create a romantic look, put on your high heels. It will also look great with punk or rocker style shoes or flat form sandals.

Accessories. Girls can’t imagine their life without them. And there is no wonder why. Shiny, bright, glamorous and unusual accessories help to accomplish the look. If you want to look like a sassy girl, wear your high and long skirt with a leather backpack. If you want to look elegant, a clutch and a bright necklace will be a perfect choice. Don’t forget about various bracelets, chains and earrings. I adore them and they will add more glam to your look. The high and low skirts are incredibly beautiful. Moreover, they will help to make you look taller and thinner. I guess, this skirt is an obvious must-have in any girl’s wardrobe this season. Have you already got yours? ;) Lots of love Ivy