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Spring Cleaning - How to Enjoy Your Spring Wardrobe And Life

Spring Cleaning - How to Enjoy Your Spring Wardrobe And Life

Apr 16, 2018


Hello my loves, happy sun day to you all. I am absolutely loving the weather and how warm it is in London. I hope this weather last for a while and gets even better over the coming days. Now that the weather is better, I thought I should do a post around this outfit I wore a few weeks ago when it was still very cold, before I start posting beautiful springy outfits.  I wore this Zara red long blazer and this Kurt Geiger knee high thigh boots some weeks ago for a friend’s party.

Now that this outfit is finally out of the way, let’s talk about spring. This is the best time to spring clean your home and wardrobe if you haven’t done that already. Ofcourse red coat and a red over the knee boots wouldn’t be amongst your spring wardrobe as I have already cleared out all my boots and are fully ready for the 20-28-degree weather that’s being forecasted for the coming days. Some other things to do if you want to spicing up your spring are; changing your hair colour, having a new hair cut or hair style, using a warmer nail polish, or switching things up in your wardrobe with a new colour, or silhouette that you’ve never worn before. Perhaps, even experimenting with some out-of-the-box accessorising will be just the thing. Other opportunities of exploration can come from trying new activities, enjoying new foods, and partaking in new friendships. To maximise the impact, combine them all. Whichever way you decide to stretch your capacity, do it with style and a bit of boldness. Regardless of when, where, or how you decide to extend your personal margins this spring/summer, the practice of taking healthy risks will prove to enrich your life, providing you with fresh inspiration, exhilarating discovery, and invigorating rejuvenation. It’s okay to throw caution to the wind and live a little. You never know just what you’ll discover about yourself this season. Here are other interesting post you may like herehere and here. Love Ivy