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Photos: My Hubby’s Surprise Birthday Party at The Ritz Hotel London.

Jun 02, 2014


Okay! Were do I start from. My husband has been wonderful and totally amazing to me and our kids. He is not just an everyday husband but one in a billion. I just needed to do something wonderful for him this year. I spent sleepiness nights decided venues to chose from, because I had so many great choices. I decided to surprise him at the Ritz Hotel in London. It was a night to remember. Our friends and family turned up from all over the world.   I can’t forget the surprise in his eyes. He was consumed with a huge surprise(lol). I looked at him and sighed knowing that my mission has been accomplished.   We can’t talk parties without talking fashion. I wore a forever Unique Sparkle Embellished Maxi Dress.   It sold for £550, but has now been reduced. You can buy this here for £250: My husband Idy was wearing a Ted Baker Suit   If you are up for a splurge get this at Sweetheart once again, Happy birthday and I love you like crazy!