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Photos : It Was My Birthday Yesterday

Oct 13, 2014


Birthday to adorable  Ivy Ekong, a UK Based Creative Style Director who Celebrated her birthday party yesterday 12 October 2015. The party took place at  her Surrey London residence,attendance were her close friends, family and business associates,and it was a fun filled day for her. Ivy ekong is the creative and style director for a UK based company known as IconMode Ltd, With a branch in Nigeria. The  company was established in 2011 and since then they have build  the Personal styles and Image of celebrities, high profile client, politicians, and top models in Nigeria,  London, Paris, Dubai and other parts of the world. In her words the excited mother of 2 who was also an ex Beauty Queen, the former face of Esan (Edo state) and an ex model  said. “I believe Personal styling is not a luxury and must not be for only the rich and famous anymore. Feeling confident about your body and personal style is an absolute necessity, despite  your shape ,size ,age ,budget or lifestyle . There is no second chance to make a first impression, why not just make it the first time. Empowering men and woman through effective styling / Image branding and making them confident enough to achieve their personal goal brings me great Joy”.  Ivy is known with her popular fashion and lifestyle blogger (http // blog icon.mode .com) in London, where she potrays the personal style of her celebrity and private clients who wants to be known for a particular style . While giving them especially her celebrity clients in Nigeria an international audience. Ivy is also a regular contributor to fashion magazine ,radio ,blogs and television shows.Her social media platform are on for her birthday wishes. Mrs Ivy wit her hubby Her Family With her lovely daughter Twitter handle @iconmode, Instagram:  http// Ivy .ekong. Email Ivy@icon -mode .com     3SHARES1020 Read full article here: | HouseOfMaliQ.Com - See more at: