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Personal Style

Personal Style

Nov 30, 2016


Fashion is art. My personal style is not easy and safe. I experiment with Fashion and go out of my comfort Zone. You usually won't see me wear a mini skirt, but I wore this white bandage mini skirt using this fringe belt on it to give this outfit an editorial look. Like something you will see in a fashion magazine. "Dress to be remembered, not forgotten". That's my motto.

For me there is nothing that can't be worn, what's important is how you decide to wear it. Celebrities such as Rihanna will take a night robe and style it with heels, making it a style staple for so many to emulate. That is why she is called a "fashion icon" who has a great sense of personal style.

Some of us know our personal style while others don't. If you happen to know your style, then it's easy to dress up and even when you're given a napkin to wear, you will be able to dress that napkin up to suit your personal style and still look a million dollars. That is what versatility in style means. For those who are still struggling to know what their personal style is, I always advice you try out different stuff while staying within your individuality. In time you will find comfort in Fashion, and will be able to pull off different looks while staying within your individuality and personal style. Remember, the key to be comfortable in your clothes is to first be comfortable in your own skin.

If you're like me and do not take any interest in wearing mini skirts or even dresses, this could be your way of stepping out of your comfort zone a bit. Dress it up with an accessory. It's like a way of disguising sort of. "Accessories" like I always say, makes an outfit. So don't be afraid to accessorize and take bold fashion steps. I accessorised this bandage mini skirt with a fringe belt from here. My heels are Louboutin, my top is from here. XOXO IVY EKONG