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Love Yourself First - Women Empowerment

Love Yourself First - Women Empowerment

Sep 23, 2018


In other to love others completely, you need to first love yourself. You cannot love another the right way if you do not love yourself first. Some days ago while the kids were in school I decided to treat my self to lunch. I often used to do this but haven’t had much time lately until a few days ago. When I got to the restaurant (one of my favourites Thai restaurant yumm! ), I ordered some food and a glass of champagne, turned off my phone and spent time with myself. While I was eating, a lady walked up to me and asked; are you alone? I looked up at her and said “yes I am”. She smiled and said I have tried to do this several times but haven’t succeeded. I just can’t take time off alone. There has to be someone with me. She pointed to her table and said those are my colleagues from the office. She continued and said even though I don’t get along wth them very well, I still have to accompany  them to lunch because I can’t bear being by myself.

She sounded very funny to me. Because I couldn’t believe what I just heard. When she went back to her sit,  I got thinking and realised that we do not often spend time with ourselves, to know who we are, and to build up ourselves to be better. I cannot stress enough how beneficial it is to date yourself. Take yourself out, have a massage, or go for launch or dinner, pamper yourself and spend time in dating you. Only then can you be useful to others. There may be moments where you feel like you’re not good  enough, or moments when you need other people’s acknowledgement or company to feel like you’re enough. But truly, you do not need anyone to tell you that you’re enough before you know that you are! You must not forget to be kind to your heart even when others do not appreciate you. You must remember to always choose yourself. You are enough, you are capable, you are special and very important.

I am very protective of my own piece of mind, because of this, I’m very mindful of who I decide to allow in my space. Instead of giving my time to people who won’t build me up, I spend that time with myself. The more you do this, the more self aware you become. You begin to appreciate who you are. Especially now that the internet and the media tries to make us who we are not. This changes will only affect you negatively and weigh you down if you haven’t fallen in love with yourself, and if you haven’t spent time knowing who you are from deep within. Take control of your body, mind and soul. Let the company you keep speak volume of who you are. Here are some similar post yiubcan read here  , here  and here Till my next post, stay fabulous! Love Ivy