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Knit Wear - How To Style Your Winter Knits

Knit Wear - How To Style Your Winter Knits

Oct 18, 2017


Knit wear are a must have during this season. For me they are one of the ways I stay stylish and trendy in winter. Who wants to keep wearing layers and layers of clothes just to keep warm. Winter knits can be worn stylishly just as I have done now. Since they are usually loose, it's best to wear yours with either a waist belt or wear one without a belt.   A belt as you know instantly accentuates your waistline and that's what you want to do with knit fabrics otherwise they can make you look bigger than you normally are. Sometimes you just want to wear a loose outfit,  and today is that kind of day for me. (No waist belt needed ).

Wether  you're indoor or outdoor, knit wears are a must have this winter. I wear them all day at home, also when I want to unwind with a bottle of wine in my lounge. Someone asked me on Instagram if a knit wear can be worn to a party or special occasions? Of course, why not! Knit wears can be easily dressed up for a party or dinner! Style yours with heels, pumps, boots, or whatever you're comfortable in. I have always said here, go all out with your accessories as they can make or break your outfit. I’m looking forward to staying cozy and stylish this winter!! These sweaters are really trendy and would make for some great holiday gift too. My knit wear can be purchased here Boots  here Bag here Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @ivyekong to show me how you styled your ensembles. Till my next post, stay safe and fabulous!!