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How To Get Back In Shape And Detox After The Christmas Holidays

How To Get Back In Shape And Detox After The Christmas Holidays

Jan 15, 2015


The Christmas holiday came by so quickly. We all need to detox as we settle back in to the new year.  I hope you all had an amazing holiday! Now that most of us are back home, there’s one thing going through all our minds and that includes mine. The mega question is “how do I put off the extra pounds I have piled on during the holiday”? So many of us also are looking to start preparing our body for summer. Well, if you fall into any of these categories, then you’re not alone. I took six flights in three weeks this holiday season. If you’re like me, you know that travelling can take a toll on our body. Not to talk of all the unhealthy food we eat along the way.

Here are a few ways to get back in shape, avoid being sluggish, jet lagged, and overweight after the holidays. Stay Hydrated I cannot over emphasise how important it is to stay hydrated after piling on junk foods during the holiday season. Also, if you travel a lot, you are likely to feel dehydrated. Drinking lots of water will usually help get ruined of toxins in your body, flush out unhealthy food, and clear your skin from pores and other skin issues that can and many arise from constant travelling and unhealthy eating. Take A Break From Alcohol This is the best time to do an alcohol detox, and the first point will help with this if you do not mix water with alcohol. Alcohol as we all know is not good for our body if consumed in excess, and of course we have done a lot of that during the holidays. Take a break from alcohol and completely detox your system from any alcoholic drink no matter how little the alcohol percentage is. I am currently doing a one month no alcohol detox. Feel free to join me if you wish. Shower Twice A Day If you usually shower once a day or one in two days, it is advisable to shower often when you return from holiday. This has helped me relax and also to get ruined of excess tan which I developed during the holidays. Pamper yourself and make this a calming ritual by adding some Epsom salt to your bath. This will gently flush out some toxins from your body both on the inside and also on the outside. Take Some Vitamins Taking some vitamins will make your detoxing process much more effective. Also vitamins such as iron, B12, folic acid, and so many others, will help with increased energy which will in turn help burn more calories.  Take a daily probiotic to help your gut, and  improve your daily functions. Exercise Get up and get moving. Holiday season is for chilling by the pool side and eating junk food with friends and family. Now that you are back, it’s a great time to start gradually excercising again. If you are not already registered with a local gym, I suggest you do so. If you prefer running around your neighbourhood then go for it. Whatever you do, just get movin! Sleep The above points will be totally useless if you’re not getting the right amount of sleep. Because you may have been heading in and out if different time zones, your body will definitely feel the impact as a result of this. Getting enough sleep will also help you to relax, give you a doze of energy to stay active all through the day. Set a reminder on your phone like I always do. Your alarm will remind you of when to go to sleep.