Sometimes I can look at trends and frown, wondering what the idea behind the style is or why anyone would want to wear it

But this year one of the big dress trends – the two piece – is definitely one I can get into. What’s not to love? A dress that isn’t a dress, a mix and match outfit that can work in lots of different ways – my kind of trend! image image image Most of this outfit came from the MissPap and one of the really big advantages of this is that you can be certain that everything matches. Pink is one of those colours that if it is only a little bit different between top and skirt or shoes, the whole thing falls apart. By choosing matching shoes from the same site, the risk is much less. image image image

So on to the two piece

It is called the Lexi Pink Crochet Floral Crop Top and comes with a separate matching skirt. The outfit has a gorgeous floral pattern to the material, fitting in with the floral trend, and the crochet style is airy and feminine. It comes in the most delicious marshmallow pink colour that works with most any skin tone. Because it is a separate skirt and top, there are loads of mix and match opportunities too. Add the top with black short shorts and a long cardigan or the skirt with a dark colour plain top.

So by buying this two piece, you are getting a number of looks from one outfit

image image The matching shoes are called the Maggie Bobble Details Strappy Heels and come in a matching pink shade. With a 4.5 inch heel these make legs look long and slender while the ankle strap means there’s no slipping out of them. Finally, I’ve finished the outfit with one of my favourite Chanel bags. Its simple creamy shade coordinates perfectly with the outfit and there’s no worrying about that tricky pink match up. So what makes the two piece such a popular trend? Popular enough that big names like Victoria Beckham and Taylor Swift have been seen in them? The two piece is similar to the crop top and high waist skirt combination but has the advantage of being a perfect match for one another. They are also often flexible enough that you can mix and match with them. Some of the two piece outfits even create the illusion of being a dress if being very cropped isn’t your thing. image For those big events such as prom nights and gala balls, the two piece is a perfect choice. You can wear them meeting friends for a few drinks or a spot of lunch. Even going to a formal occasion can see the two piece come out of the wardrobe as there are understated and almost classical versions. In short, there isn’t really an occasion where the right two piece doesn’t fit. image image Plus the variation in ranges are great – from the short skirt to the maxi skirt as well as cut out skirts and flared skirts. Tops can be as much or as little as you like – strappy to long sleeved, they are all on the shelves! Model// Ivy Ekong Styling // Ivy Ekong

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