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My 5 Best Christmas Holiday Destination - Across the Oceans

My 5 Best Christmas Holiday Destination - Across the Oceans

Dec 03, 2015


At the minute, it all about Christmas – getting the presents, the outfits, the food. Sometimes you need to turn your mind to other things and one of the best ideas to work on is where to go across the oceans for some winter sun this Christmas holiday . Whether you want a Christmas abroad or some sunshine after the festivities, here are some top ideas.



Dubai As you all know, my favourite place to go for winter sun is Dubai I go to Dubai during Chritsmas holiday and for work commitments as well, and it is actually both the best time to go for the heat season and the busiest time as well, and there are plenty of tourists around to meet up with. The temperatures from October to March are around the 75-80 degree F mark while in our summer they are around 100 degrees! This means it is the perfect time of year to enjoy those beautiful white beaches on the Persian Gulf. December sees the International Film Festival while January and February are Dubai Shopping Festival.  French Polynesia If your Christmas destination should be as different to the UK as possible, then the 100 or so islands of French Polynesia should tick the box perfectly. Tahiti and Bora Bora are perhaps the most well-known and they all have that idyllic tropical island thing going on. White beaches, turquoise waters that are warm and welcoming and amazing tropical plants. A beach-lovers paradise that is warm all year round though March is as near to a rainy season as they experience. Australia Australia is a country of contrasts offering something for all tastes. If you want quiet, remote and spectacular this Christmas, then Western Australia may be the answer with its coral reefs and miles of untouched beaches. Visit between November and March for the chance to see turtles emerging from the ground, newly hatched. The Australian cities are great for a Christmas break too with prawns on the barbecue being the Aussie version of turkey dinner! Sydney is particularly well known for its New Year celebrations as well.


California California isn’t known as the Golden State for nothing – it is one of the sunniest of the US states and there is so much to see and do for an active winter holiday. The state is brilliant for a road trip style break where you can travel the state highways and see all the little curiosities as well as the big cities. Christmas holidays are fun and a little bit of rest, and there are plenty of amazing beach areas such as Venice Beach and Laguna as well as less well known spots such as El Matador. Then there are the big cities – Los Angeles with all its suburbs, San Francisco, San Diego and all the rest – great for shopping, sightseeing and even celebrity spotting.

Philippines Islands You can get spoiled for choice with the islands of the Philippines as there are over 7000 of them! White sand beaches are common while coral reefs make for excellent scuba diving conditions. There are plenty of high quality hotels and resorts while the protected marine parks allow a little connecting with nature. The locals are also said to be some of the friendliest anywhere too. These are my five best holiday destination which I recommend if you are going away this Christmas. My white bikini is from Asos My jewellery is from IconMode Have fun this holiday season and do not forget to tag me your lovely holiday photos on Instagram . Love Ivy