“Travel the world and see magical and beautiful places”! This my motto in life. I have been MIA for a while now and I’m sure you all have noticed that I haven’t updated my blog with any new post for a few days now. That’s because,  I have been away in a beautiful place called Santorini in Greece. Greece is a just a few hours away from the UK. It took me approximately 4 hours to get here which wasn’t bad at all. This is not like most of my usual holidays which I usually experience with my kids and family, I am here with my best friend to celebrate my birthday and I am so loving it! santorini greece I will do a more detailed post when I get back to the UK in a few days time. Follow my Instagram stories for more and on snapchat too. I’m taking a break off blogging now to go have a swim as it’s getting very hot. Till my next post stay fabulous! Love Ivy Xoxo  

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