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Winter Body Oils That Will Eliminate Dry Skin

Winter Body Oils That Will Eliminate Dry Skin

Nov 01, 2018


Body oils are an essential especially during the winter season when your skin tends to dry out a bit more. A lot of people see body oils as sticky, greasy and not so great on your skin. But I promise you're totally wrong. Body oils are so good especially if you have dry skin. This period of the year is actually when your skin tends to be very dry.  The most important thing to look out for when looking for  body oils is to get is  one that doesn't stain your clothes when used. I just go with in shower oils which I use inside the shower or pour on the bath. This still does the job while avoiding grease from your body and clothes. Today, the best body oils absorb quickly, hydrates even the driest skin and even impart skin with a healthy glow. What's more? Some  body oils are multipurpose and can  also be used on dry hair or cuticles as well as skin. So which body oils delivers the most moisture? Here are some tried and tested body oils which I can personally recommend; L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil

This product is  fast absorption and silky finish. "I love the soft scent!" "It soaked into my skin, leaving me soft, smooth, and fresh-smelling when I used it. L'Occitane almond supple skin oil can be purchased at John Lewis and most drug stores. Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturising Body Oil

I have used so many oils for my dry skin but this Palmers cocoa butter formula moisturising body oil  works best for me. "In fact, one really surprising side effect was my light stretch marks on my thighs are fading." The oil absorbs quickly into the skin, and it has a sweet fragrance. "I love this body oil so much. It smells great and has a great price!" Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil

This was the very first oil I ever used and I fell in love with it immediately. I have deep appreciation for Clarins tonic body treatment  oil  ability to prevent stretch marks and fight scars. "The oil does more than prevent stretch marks, "It tones the skin under the upper arms and helps tighten the skin if you lose weight all over. "The oil moisturises your skin, leaving it feeling supple," A definite must have. Aveda Tengarine Oil


Aveda tangerine oil  best quality is it's ability to "leave your skin soft," and its "amazing tangerine scent. While using it I noticed that  the citrus aroma boosts my energy during the day and leaves my  skin glowing. Nutrogena Body Oil

Last but not the list of my recommendations is the ever effective Nutrogena body oil. Having a healthy glow goes beyond your face, and that's what this body oil delivers. This body oil will make you shine all over. "It gives your skin a soft, moisturized and healthy look about it. You can  use the body oil all year, as it's great for hydrating thirsty skin, whether it's parched from the scorching summer heat or dry winter air. The trick is to apply the body oil just out of the shower for maximum moisture. "I have dry skin, so I need all the extra help I can get''. I hope this helps! Love Ivy