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Top Tips for Homemade Hairstyles

Nov 05, 2015


We all love a trip to the salon for our hair trimming and styling or weaves for Black women, but there are times when for one reason or another, you need to do something at home. So what are the top tips for homemade hairstyles that will leave you feeling just as good as a trip to the salon?  Smooth style Sometimes simple is best, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to work on complex hairstyles. The look that works for almost anyone and is seen on nearly every famous head at some point is the smooth hairsstyles - soft and straight, it works because it is simple. The key to this style is twofold – the right styling products and a good pair of straighteners. To prepare your hair, blow dry it, using a preparation serum to give it some shine. Next use the straighteners to smooth out the hair, doing a section at a time and going back over any unruly strands. You can leave it loose if you like it around your face or alternatively, use a barrette or headband to finish the style. A quick spray of hairspray once everything is finished helps the lifespan of the style. image The high ponytail hairstyles One of the easiest styles to master at home that creates a chic and understated look is the high ponytail. Think the hairstyles shown by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna and Blake Lively. To achieve the hairstyle, first take your favourite thickening spray and spray from roots to the end of the hair then blow dry using a big round brush. Next up, take a dry texturizing spray on the roots to mid-way along the hair, covering the area that will be in the ponytail – this helps with grip. Grab all your hair and use an elastic hook to wrap around the hair and keep it in place. A touch of hairspray will help flatten out any rogue hairs and you can fine tune the look with a small brush or comb. Finally, take a small amount of hair and wrap it around the plastic, using grips to pin it into place. Have a look in the mirror and if needed, use straighteners to make the tail smooth and flat. Simple chignon hairstyles If your hair has a little bit of wave to it, then the simple chignon may be your go-to style but even for those with straight hair, a little rolling then spraying the hair will have the right effect. Emily Blunt is one lady who pulls this look off particularly well. To start with tease the hair at the crown then smooth it out for that shiny, polished look. Part the hair and tie it into a low ponytail, backcombing for volume. Roll the ponytail underneath right up to the base of the neck then use hair pins to hold it. Take the front section of hair and give it a twist then wrap it over and secure with pins. Tuck in any loose strands and repeat on the other side. A good finishing with hairspray will ensure that the style stays put and has that glossy shine that makes it so sexy and chic.  Sew -in-weaves hairstyles This hairstyles is particular for black African women or women of colour. You can sew in your Virgin hair weave at home. You may need a bit of help to make sure you do not pierce your head with a needle by mistake as this does get tricky sometimes when doing it on your own. Lace wigs and closures are also very good choices. You can get a lace wig or closures from my hair extension line here : IconMode Love Ivy