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Make Up Brushes Recommendations

Nov 03, 2016


Most makeup artists would  agree that owning the right brushes is essential when creating your look. Using makeup brushes ensures that you pick up and disperse the right amount of product with each application. Even though the Makeup products used are essential, It is even more important to have the right makeup brushes. As many of you already know, there are loads of makeup brushes out there. Some are very affordable while others are are not. Depending on what you are after, I always recommended splurging a little on makeup brushes. The reason why you should spend a bit more to get the best brushes is because, good makeup brushes makes the art of make up very easy.  Good eco friendly makeup brushes doesn't break while you're applying makeup, neither do they give you rashes or irritates your skin. Here are my recommendation based on personal experience. Best makeup brush set Morphe: One of the reasons why I love Morphe brushes  is because they are mostly vegan. Morphe brushes ranges from between   7 piece set and  30 piece set respectively. Isn't that just amazing?? My favourite set is the MORPHE 30p piece set. The 30 piece Master Set is made with our professional grade brushes. Each brush features a polished chrome ferrule and matte black birch wood handle.   Best makeup brushes in London Iconic London: Iconic London brushes comes very handy and I love the way they blend your makeup so easily especially  when it comes to liquid foundations.  I do have these brushes and they have totally changed the way I do and see makeup. The brand new EVO makeup brush sets have been redesigned exclusively by Iconic London, with a new, sturdy diamond-shaped handle, but the same ICONIC oval makeup brushes that made the EVO so great the first time round. The revolutionary EVO brushes' design adapts to the contours of the face to provide flexibility for fluid movement. The oval shape head and dense bristles ensure velvet application and a sleek finish. Also available in a set of 4 EVO Brushes, or in Black.   Best makeup brushes Real Technique: Thirdly, is the real technique makeup brushes. These brushes have been listed amongst the top 5 of makeup brushes for years. Most people who are new to makeup usually purchase from this brand first and gradually move on to other brushes as they go along. You will definitely create a perfect canvas with this collection of coverage essentials. It includes 4 full-size brushes + case and there is more on the website. These are my  tried and tested  make up brushes recommendations. Tweet me and let me know what you think? I would love to hear your experiences with any of these makeup brushes. Image credits: Real unique at XOXO Ivy Ekong.