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Beauty And Hair Products In My Carry-On Bag

Beauty And Hair Products In My Carry-On Bag

Jan 29, 2018


The two most important things I always have to carry with me when I travel are my passport, and my carry-on bag filled with beauty and hair products. Beauty and hair products are so important to take along with you while travelling, or out and about daily.  This post is long overdue as so many people have requested for it over the years. So, today I am sharing the essential beauty and hair products I have in my small carry-on bag.

I cannot do without my murad products as you can see. When I travel, I usually do not wear makeup depending on how far my flight is. Instead, I try to keep my skin moisturised all through the flight before getting to my final destination. The perfect way I do that is by using my murad products which I am absolutely in love with, and have been using for more than 5 years now. I can't fault these products/brand in anyway. Best of all is that, they are super easy to carry and are packed with Vitamin C, sunscreen protection, and they brighten your skin in less than 24hours after the first application. It's great to use when you're on the go.

I had to add a few hair products I love to this post as well, in other to make it a complete beauty and hair product recommendations just incase you are looking for some on-the-go hair products too. The Loreal Paris Revitalift laser renew cream is super fabulous. Every woman needs this product in their life. I only apply the product once a week to my skin and it leaves my skin feeling very super gorgeous. Another favourite of mine which is always in my carry -on bag is Elizabeth Eden ''Face Prevage'' and the ''Intervene'' daily exfoliator. The best thing about these products is that it fights skin radicals and surface dirts,  leaving your skin looking healthy. When I travel, I make sure to use the exfoliator once I get to my hotel room. My skin feels cleaner after this routine. My soap and glory body cream is a must have and an essential for me. I love that it's easy to carry around. I'm also involve with how this cream smells. It smells so so good! Best of all, it leaves your skin feeling very moisturised and soft. Makeup removal wipes are a must for me, I use them everywhere and everyday. I use different types of wipes from clean and clear, to Loreal Paris wipes, and many more. Even though there are so many wipes to choose from out there, make sure you choose the one that is suitable for your skin type. I have a very sensitive skin, so I use makeup removal wipes for sensitive skin. I also try to go for the ones that are more natural water base with less chemicals and perfumes. My favourite beauty and hair products will not be complete without my Aussie beach wave spray which I use to keep my curly and wavy hair constantly moisturised. Also my ''John Frieda frizz ease 3 days straight'' are perfect for keeping your  hair perfectly straight  all week long. I hope you like what's in my carry on bag and are inspired to try on one or two products. Here are some other interesting post to have a look at herehere and here. X