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Virtual Consultation - Branding & Marketing To Attract Paying Customers

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I cannot over emphasis the importance of branding and marketing which in turns generate paying customers and approach your direct audience.

Welcome to Ivy Ekong's Virtual consultation  Program.

Thank you for showing interest in my Branding & Marketing To Attract Paying Customers consultation. Working with you to achieve your set goals is my priority and why I have set up this virtual consultation  programs.

As a founder of two very successful  businesses Ivy Ekong Fashion a product based business, and my consultancy company Ivy Ekong Ltd, which offers services.  I have over the years learned a lot from my gains and losses. I often wish I had someone who thought me at the beginning, so I didn't have to make some of the huge mistakes and waste of money as I did in the beginning of my businesses.

The road to Success is not a straight forward road. There are no corners to cut, you must follow that road, pitfalls, potholes, mountains, rivers and be faced with so many challenges util you get to the destination you are meant to be. This takes so much resilience and work.

I personally developed the brand identity of my fashion brand and have over the years developed marketing and branding strategies that has proven successful for my businesses. Without a well thought out brand identity, your business will struggle and it will not be easily identifiable to the customers you are trying to reach.

After so much demand, I decided to create these online coaching programs for those who do not know necessarily how to begin their journey of attaining financial freedom while doing what you love.

So wether you are already in the process of starting your business, or are looking for insights on how to begin, or where to start, or just looking to talk through some of your goals, then this course is for you.

I am not a finished product yet, but I am actively working on my goals and seeing great results. This is what I want for you as well. Women should have their own financial independence and be able to achieve their goals.

My goal for you is to help you work through your marketing and branding identity challenges. We will set time frames, and I will provide useful resources and coach you based on your capabilities.

At the end of this consultation, you will have the know how and the confidence on how to take your brand to the level where you will attain a higher level of success. My work does not just end here, I will continuously act as your mentor and hold your hand while achieving your dreams. I am teaching you everything I have done to prosper my brand and gain financial freedom unfiltered.

I only have limited spaces for this, and will only work with people who are 100% serious about creating a lasting change for themselves.

Please complete the questionnaire during booking to enable me personalise your session to suit your needs.

I look forward to being part of your journey to financial independence and self realization...