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Lunch Date In London | What To Wear

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Lunch date outfits are a little bit tricky especially when you are not going from work. If you’re going to have lunch with a work colleague, then you would natural just go wearing your usual work clothes. As a blogger/entrepreneur I attend a lot of lunch dates/ meeting with friends and prospective clients. For me it’s important to look effortless, yet very Chic and comfortable in an overall sense. Depending on the type of lunch date you’re attending try to not look over dressed but still well put together and of course the weather does determine what you wear too.

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If the weather is not too cold, then a knit dress such as this will be ideal. During summer, a long summer dress will do, but as they say; you can never predict the weather in London. I wore this outfit for a much-needed afternoon tea date with a friend. It wasn’t a business lunch date; it was more of a “let’s catch up on life’s happenings” kind of date. So, it was nice to wear a knit dress to brace the cold weather. I accessorized with a pair of tights, a Chanel bag, a Chanel belt, and a pair of Louboutin gold spike heels.


MCM SS17 Collection

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This outfit ensemble is not only suitable for a lunch date; it can also take you from day to night.  You can also decide to go for a much more toned down look. Maybe a pair of jeans and a bodysuit. In summer or spring, a beautiful flower dress will be a good option also. But like I mentioned earlier, you have to dress to suit the weather at that point in time.

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My ideal lunch date is one with my hubby. If this is the case, then need I say more my darlings; you know you have to be on point when your hubby asks to take you for a lunch date. Pay attention to your hair, your Makeup, and your accessories. Your outfit is not complete without those three important details.

River Island

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Someone once told me while I dressing up to meet my hubby at his office for lunch, that am overdressed.  My response was “you’re never too dressed”. Actually, there is no such thing as being overdressed. The more the better as long as you wear what suits your personality and style.  There are times when I stay all day in my P. J’s lazing around at home all day, and there are times when I need to dress up as well. Life is about creating a balance and that applies to our dress sense too.

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The reason for this post is to enlighten those women who feel that they do not need to make an effort for lunch dates only dinner dates. Your outfit in both occasions are important and will leave a lasting impression on your date.

So, my lovelies, you do not need to wait for that very special occasion in other to dress up. Do it in style and charisma.

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Have a beautiful week you all .  Till my next post, stay fabulous!


Ivy Ekong.

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