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Fashion Blogger and Former Model Calls for Fashion Industry to Embrace Real Figures

Ivy Ekong, former model and fashion stylist, and founder of multicultural fashion blog, is calling on the fashion industry to start embracing real figures. It comes after the news that British model Charli Howard, who is a size 6, has criticised her agency for calling her “too big” and “out of shape” for the notorious industry.

Taking to Facebook, the 23 year old experienced model revealed that many modelling agencies still have unobtainable beauty standards, forcing models to defy nature to be unnaturally thin, and stressed the damage this is doing to young girls. It’s a problem that has been highlighted before in the industry, including models who are size 10 and 12 being labelled plus-size when in fact that is a healthy and average dress size for a woman.

Ivy Ekong, Founder of said, “ I think all women are so sick and tired of the fashion industry dominating beauty standards and telling people they aren’t good enough. As a former model, I know the pressure that is put onto these girls and it isn’t right. It’s time for designers and agencies to start embracing real figures, and hopefully Charli Howard has started the revolution. ”

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Ivy uses her fashion blog as a way to spread her message about positive body image and working your own individual style. Specialising in African fashion, the Nigerian mother of two blogs about the latest street trends, vintage finds and designer must-haves for fashionistas across the world.

The latest post on explores the idea behind the term ‘ladylike’ and what it means to the modern black woman. She explains how dressing like a lady never goes out of style, and the importance of feeling feminine and attractive regardless of individual fashion tastes.

In the blog post Ivy writes: “ To me, being ladylike in actions and in fashion is about having a certain look about you, how you hold yourself and how you act. It’s about dealing with the stuff that life throws at you with your head held high. You look the part and therefore you feel the part and can project this to others.
For me, I think of the women who inspire me and what they would do in situations, how they would dress and how they would act. Impactful figures such as Beyoncé Knowles, Oprah Winfrey, Diana Ross, Michelle Obama, Cheryl Cole, Diane Von Furstenberg, these are the ladies I look to for my style inspiration but also how to be ladylike.”

She adds, “But your inspiration doesn’t have to just come from famous people – it can come from someone close to home, a family member, a friend or someone who lives near you. They are the one you look at and are inspired by, who have their sense of refinement and style. It may not be your sense of style or your look but you can appreciate the way they pull off what works for them.”

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Ivy likes to promote positive role models such as Michelle Obama and Beyoncé – a range of women with real figures for young women to look up to. She hopes that people will be inspired by fashion blogs such as her own rather than the unrealistic images of bodies being presented by the fashion industry.

Find out more about Ivy Ekong and her fashion blog here:

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