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Hi everyone, this is Ivy here. In this blog post, I’m going to write about how I prepare for a long flight  and how you can too. Especially since it’s holiday season and many of you are touring the world and travelling a lot . Long flights can get uncomfortable. But if you are well prepared, you will enjoy the flight.

Wear comfortable clothes

This is the most important thing to do. Other tips in this article may not be of help if you don’t wear comfortable clothes. Avoid tight, stiff, itchy clothing. Avoid clothes made with synthetic materials. Avoid wearing heavy jewelry, boots and belts. The looser your clothing is, the better. I take a sweater with me in case the flight gets cold. I also wear warm socks to keep my feet warm. Socks also helps if you need to put off your shoe during the flight. Even though you are flying in first class, its still advisable for wear comfortable clothes for your flight.

Avoid alcohol and unfamiliar foods before and during the flight

You don’t want to get a nagging headache or a running stomach during a long flight . I avoid food I’m not comfortable with before and during a long flight.

Take sanitary wipes with you

You will be served various food items on a long-distance flight. Having dirty hands for the rest of your journey is not something you want. It’s also uncomfortable to stand up every time to wipe your hands. Go with a pack of sanitary wipes to get your hands and tray table clean. It’s also good to have a light makeup bag with moisturiser, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant and other items in it.

Take an eye mask with you

The airline might provide an eye mask for you, but it’s best that you go with yours. Some airline eye masks aren’t that comfortable. My favorites are these silk eye masks that are comfortable on the eye and look beautifully designed on the outside. Who says you can’t look attractive while sleeping?

Take noise-cancelling headphones with you

Noise-cancelling headphones will help you rest and sleep better. They drown out the sounds on the plane. If you have two kids like me, you may need the headphones to drown out their talkative voices. Some planes have earplugs, but they are not as effective as noise-cancelling headphones. I also enjoy my favorite music on them.

Take magazines, books and other entertainment material with you

I enjoy catching up on my favorite fashion magazines on long flights. They keep me entertained when I’m bored with the in-flight entertainment offered me. You take your iPad along and enjoy books, movies and videos on them. The girls also enjoy playing games on it. It keeps them from getting bored. Read my travel diaries on Berlin and Dubai. Love Ivy

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