What To Wear For A fashion Show

When you hear of Fashion show, you instantly think Glamour , Style , Fabulousity. You don’t get to attend fashion shows all the time, unless you are the likes of Naomi Campbell, or one of the Kardashians. So why not make a bold statement when you get an opportunity to attend one. image-12 Being invited for a fashion show gives you an opportunity and the freedom to dress to impress. Think of bold prints, scarf tied on your neck, stripe shirts and patterns, printed jackets, heeled boots, sandals or pumps. If you want to be noticed by photographer’s don’t dress in a conservative way for a fashion show because you want to be noticed by paparazzi and of course top designers. The last fashion show I attended was the Dubai fashion week. (read here: ) There were so many black outfits, I had to ask someone if there was a dress code? because it seemed like I was the only person wearing colour. I didn’t just wear any colour, it was a yellow dress for that matter. I find it a bit worrying when I see everyone in a social gathering wearing all black. Where are all the coloured outfits? Dresses, tops, trousers, I could go on. Commons lovelies ! we can do better. image After that show I was inspired to do this post. Yes wearing an all black outfit is fine, but also know that you will even look better with a touch of colours . If you want to look simple and effortless for a fashion show, by all means do so with a touch of colours please! . It can be your handbag, shoes, or your inner wear. I have been writing about colours for sometime now because I think women should embrace wearing colours . It will do our skin tone and mood a lot of good, especially the African Fashion. FIERCE! is the word I can think of when I think of fashion shows. Also have in mind while being fierce that you might be walking around to shop clothes on exhibition,so you want to dress for comfort while staying fashionable. In general like romance, layering and colour. As a fashionista who constantly move from one fashion show to another, I can rightly say that some people do dress up to fashion shows using a theme. I met some gorgeous ladies during one of the fashion shows I attended at LFW. One of them  said her dressing was inspired by rock and roll, another said her dressing was inspired by her mother’s vintage style. Whatever inspired your outfit, make it memorable. image My top five tips are : Keep it casual but yet very eye catching and unique. Create a look that is your look and unique to your style. It’s very easy to spot a person who has a unique style than those who just follow the trend because you will stand out from amongst many. Accessories are a must. If your look is very casual, then you definitely need a bold statement necklace or jewellery to make your look unique. You can use Hermes scarfs as well, or any statement scarfs in your wardrobe. Do not compromise on your handbag. When it comes to hand bags do not opts for cheap leather or designer replica. Go buy the real deal and wear it with pride. Save for it or buy a pre-owned via Vestiaire collective. Your bags is a representation of you, so make it worthwhile. 4. Black is so boring!!. Don’t cheat yourself and fall back on a basic black cocktail dress. All the Uber fashionistas around you will see right through this coy “conservative “play. Do it like me and add a pop of colour and you will certainly enjoy the boost of confidence colour gives. 5. Self confidence: I always say “wear the clothes” do not let the clothes wear you. No matter what you decide to wear, you need to up your self confidence game in order to look and feel great in your outfit. image   My look is a day and night look. Since most fashion shows are held around evening time, this look with the jacket will take you to the office. You can take off the jacket for a fashion show. Don’t forget to tag me your looks on IG at ivy_ekong. OUTFIT DETAILS: Two piece suit from zara Pink top by H&MxBalmain Heels: Louboutin Bag: Chanel and a Chanel Brooch. Love Ivy

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