Spring Must Have Trends | 4 Top Picks

Since Monday was the first day of spring, why don't we talk about spring must have trends?!!! Lately I have been talking so much about spring here and of course on twitter and Instagram;  I mean, why not! It's spring for Christ sakes. We are finally over the cold, dull and cloudy winter,  to a beautiful sight of growing roses and blooming flowers, and am delighted that when I look out my window I see a bit of sunshine. If that doesn't make anyone happy then I wonder what will? Spring Must Have Trends Anyways, even though it's been a bit warm since the past two weeks in London, On Monday this week and most of you already know was the official day of spring. One of the reasons why I love this season  in London is because am able to wear more of colours. Also, am able to dress up more without covering up my outfit in a thick coat. Did I also mention that I love that the day is longer and it doesn't get dark on time! Even though your wardrobe is all sorted for spring and you have spring cleaned your wardrobe as I mentioned in my previous post, there are still a few trends that you need to look out for or maybe splurge on to get you 100% ready to embrace the new weather, spring!   From the runways to street style, I’ve rounded up my top 4 favourite wearable trends for spring, with all the shop links you need to jumpstart your new wardrobe!! spring must haves Florals Florals are a must have for the season . The floral trend started with the Gucci bags last spring. Jeans, bags and striped blouses are all patched up with florals designs these days. What I love about this trend is that they do actually look great on anyone and on most body types. Find a way to implement florals designs into your outfit this spring. You can shop some fabulous floral pieces here Ruffles Ruffles for spring…again? groundbreaking right?! Once again, ruffles are going stronger than ever and I’m not complaining! I’m a huge fan of ruffles,  I love how feminine and romantic they look with any outfit. Anytime you need to add a little swag to your outfit, ruffles can really do the trick!! Ruffle with off shoulder or cold shoulder (such as the image above)  as they are called these days, is even a more greater idea. It's like the perfect union of two compatible styles becoming one. Shop some ruffles here spring must haves trends Colourful Prints If you think you're going to build your look in only one pattern this season, then you're missing the fun part; the best idea will be to mix contrasting colors, stripes, polka dots, and complex graphics, flowers and animal prints, to make a perfect duo. I mean these colours are all happy together and would make you shine bright light a diamond too. "More is more" this spring and I love that. Here are some shopping links if you're ready to take the bold step. Trend approved? Shop here  here , here, and  here    spring must have trends Embroidery Denim Embroidery is literally on everything these days. Denim, bags, jackets, sneakers..you name it!! . Have you seen most online and high street shops lately? Every where I turn at the shopping mall there is a patched /embroidered denim, and I love it! I am yet to get a pair for myself but I surely will as this is a spring trend that is here to stay... I love the effect embroidery has on clothing because it adds so much depth and color into an outfit and makes it more fun! Shop some fun pieces here  and here As usual, here are more of my recent post recommended for you to read; Here, here, and here Xoxo Ivy Ekong

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