image My style has evolved so much the past two years to be precise. I have embraced growing up and am very comfortable in my own skin being in my 30s. A lot of people especially my clients do say; am old and can't do this, or wear this. I always tell them that age is only a number and being old is what you tell yourself in your head, which makes a lot of people both men and women unable to achieve their goals because they have placed too much restrictions on themselves. image image I believe that you can shine, be vibrant, and fabulous at any age. What exudes inside of you also reflects on the outside. image Am wearing a white shirt from Asos, A black shorts from Asos, A Chanel Classic bag Green statement jewellery is from Iconmode ( And my fabulous heels are from Emporio Armani image image Have a great weekend lovelies, and do leave your comments.

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