Miami is one place I have always wanted to visit and to think that it took me this long to actually tick it off my bucket list is not so impressive but I made it here. I'm so glad I did. I had a successful flight but not so pleaseant one with British Airways. Does anyone else agree with me that their service has deteriorated a bit compared to Emirates? Anyways, I can't complain as I have arrived safely to my destination. BA customer service issues is a topic for another day maybe! I am staying at the famous Fountain Bleu Miami Beach Hotel. This hotel is super gorgeous and a love at first sight. I was so excited to check in and unwind. After spending the day by the pool with my daughters (Alice and Gaby), I had a hot bath, wore a  pair of shorts (weather is very hot here), put on some heels and snapped some pictures in one of the most beautiful lounge I have ever seen, before heading to dinner. Fountain Bleu hotel Maimi South beach I am wearing a black top and white short by Zara. I know a lot of you would have expected me to wear a dress but don't worry, there will be loads of dresses to come on my upcoming post as I will be here for a couple of days. I felt a pair of shorts was right for this evening because of how hot it was. For this evening look, I paired it with House of cb white sandals, and accessorized with Chanel bag and brooch for that classic look. I hope you loved reading this post. There will be more post regarding my trip here soon. If there's any particular topic or experience about Miami you would want me to write about please leave me your comments and let me know. Read my other travel post here Xoxo Ivy Ekong

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