How to lose weight juicing

As many of you know I have been juicing for a while now, and I couldn't be happier with the results I get from juicing. There are so many health benefits from juicing and best of all you shed the excess weight too. I lost my pregnancy weight of both my girls by simply going on a green juice diet after breastfeeding. The health benefit of juicing is enormous. Here are some of the benefits from incorporating home made juice into your diet: image image 1- It promotes weight loss. According to studies , adults who drank at least eight ounces of vegetable juice as part of a diet lost four pounds over 12 weeks, while those who followed the same diet but did not drink the juice lost only one pound. The vegetable juice drinkers also significantly increased their intake of vitamin C and potassium, while decreasing their overall carbohydrate intake. I lost my pregnancy weights by going on a green juice diet. I replaced 2 meals a day with juicing and eat a healthy protein meals in the evening before 6pm. If you are able to follow this regime, you will not only lose loads of weight, you will also have a glowing skin. 2- Boost your immune system by supercharging it with concentrated phytochemicals. Raw juice also contains biophotonic light energy, which can help revitalize your body and increase your energy. When your body has an abundance of the nutrients it needs, and your pH is optimally balanced, you feel energized. Since it can be utilized by your body immediately, those who juice report feeling the "kick" of energy almost instantly. 3- Support your brain health. People who drank juices (fruit and vegetable) more than three times per week, compared to less than once a week, were 76 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease, according to the Kame Project.1 (sourced on Google) image Here are my juicing recipes and their benefits: Grapefruit – A natural fat burner that contains a high number of fat burning enzymes. Speeds up the metabolic rate and satiates the appetite. Pineapple – A rich source of antioxidants that fight against free radicals in the body. Green Grapes – Helps with inflammation, supports muscle recovery by eliminating acids and other toxins from the body. Mango – High in the antioxidant Vitamin C; helps to unclog pores and adds freshness to the face. Ginger Root – Cold and flu prevention. Combats stomach discomfort, reduces pain and inflammation. Combats morning sickness and strengthens immunity. Green Apples – Relieves constipation, reduces blood pressure, and a natural source of fiber which is good for digestion. Aloe – Soothes skin irritations and strengthens the moisture barrier to help repair rough, dry skin. Lemon – Alkalizing for the body (restores balance to the body’s PH). Rich in vitamin C and fights against infections like the common cold and flu. Coconut Water – A natural hydrator that is a high source of potassium. image AS A JUICE What you’ll need: 1/4Grapefruit 1/2 Pineapple 2 cups of frozen Green Grapes 1 Mango 2 thumb sizes of Ginger Root 1 1/2 Green Apples A juicer ( from Amazon or Argos, or any store any you ) Start by prepping all fruits. Rinse fruit with water and apple cider vinegar. Slice fruit into small chunks so the pieces will fit inside the juicer. Cover and turn juicer on and wait for juice to extract. Makes 2 1/2 servings. AS A SMOOTHIE Beauty Juice in Margarita Glass What you’ll need: 2 handfuls of green grapes 4 chunks of pineapples 1 slice of green apple 1/4 mango 1 1/2 coconut water 1 thumb size ginger root 1/4 grapefruit A high speed blender KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender with Fruits and Coconut Water Freeze fruit overnight. After juicing the ginger root, add all ingredients to the blender and turn the setting to high for 30 seconds (if up you forget to freeze your fruit, add 6-8 ice cubes). Makes 2 servings. AS A SHOT Beauty Juice in Shot Glass What you’ll need 1/2 Lemon 1 thumb size of Ginger 1/8 Grapefruit 1/2 ounce Aloe Squeeze grapefruit and lemon by hand into a cup with the aloe and juiced ginger. To mix, pour juice from one glass to another 3 to 4 times. It’s a shot, so drink it quickly. This beauty shot benefits skin, hair, and nails and helps with weight loss. Makes 4 ounces. Happy juicing lovelies. Xoxo Ivy.

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