Happy Mother’s Day  to each and every mum and women who take time out of their busy  schedules to visit my blog. It's been a long journey with you all,  and I would not  change it for anything in the world. This Mother's Day weekend is really going to feel like something else, isn’t it?  Now  more than ever, we truly realize the importance of being “together” and saying I Love You.  Although  many of us will not  be spending Mother's Day with our mums this year due to social distancing, we can still spend it digitally or have a virtual celebration with our mums. The thought of sending a card that says ''I love you'' to brighten up your mums face  feels extra special this year. 

mothers day Unfortunately for me, my mum is having a heavenly birthday this year. The first year celebrating Mother's Day without her, but I know she's in a good place. For the rest of you that are so lucky to have your mum alive, please go all out to put a smile on her face today and for the time they have here. Today was extra special for me, even if it was filled with mixed emotions for obvious reasons, but I was determined to make beautiful memories with my family today. Luckily for me,  I have an amazing husband, who prepared a beautiful breakfast for me along with some beautiful gifts from the kids. I felt extra special today, all thanks for  I will forever remain thankful and grateful to be the  mum of these beautiful princesses of mine. Sometimes it's still so surreal that I have two kids. Like, most mothers out there, being a mum is the best and most fulfilling thing I have done my entire life. Happy mothers day once again. We are strong, resilient, warriors, nurturing, multi-taskers, loving and kind. Kudos to every mum out there and aspiring  mums too. XOXO Ivy Ekong mothers day  

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