Business fashionable is a topic that several women struggle to understand. Especially how to transition from day to night. Buying several pieces in the same color palette will be of great benefit to you. The simplest way to do this is to start with black and white. Together, they can dress down or formalize any look. You can wear them as solid prints accessorized with a bright necklace, have a patterned shirt with a plain suit framing it, or even a combination of multiple textures. Because you’re dealing with basic color schemes, you have a lot of flexibility. image These sunglasses were part of a free giveaway, but because they’re black and don’t have a logo, they don’t clash with the rest of the look. image image Banana Republic top, White House Black Market suit, Aerosoles shoes Another way to transform this look would be to roll the shirt sleeves around the edges of the blazer’s sleeves. image image image This skirt is too short for most business settings, but it gives you an example of how to combine two very different pieces. Many polyester tops are too see-through to be professional, but having a pattern helps. The pleather skirt has an elastic band, making it convenient for tucking blouses. Banana Republic top, White House Black Market suit, Aerosoles shoes image I love animals so when I saw this top, I had to get it! Zebras, monkeys, giraffes, and elephants all on one shirt! It’s great for a hot environment, and dries quickly when you wash it. I wore a nude camisole underneath. image Aerosoles shoes Aerosoles has really comfortable footwear. I’ve gotten so much use out of these without getting blisters in the process. This pair has lasted me over seven years, and they only need a little black polish to look brand new again. I hope you enjoyed reading this amazing piece by Katherine? To check out Katherine's bio please read my previous post. Love Ivy

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