Christian Dior Lady Dior Bags - Why Celebrities And Fashion Influencers Love The Christian Dior Bags So Much

The line Christian Dior brand has expanded quite  a lot recently, but the Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag, one of the brand’s most classic styles still has a lot to offer for handbag customers. A lot of blogger and celebrities are obsessed with the Lady Dior bag because of its classic attribute. It can be used for both day and night for very dressed up and casual occasions as well. They are one of my favourite and I would buy them in every colour if I could. The bag comes in several sizes and an every-changing rainbow of colors and embellishments. Most casual shoppers will recognize the distinctive quilting on many of the plain leather bags; it’s called Cannage, and it was inspired by the cane chairs in the Dior atelier. The bag goes far beyond the iconic pattern, though, because these bags are not sold online, information can be scarce or inaccurate. If you see something that was can expand, update or make more accurate, please let us know in the comments. If you are not up for a splurge for a brand new, there are so many grade A used one you can get on . Second hand bags are great especially if you find one that has been gently used and very well looked after.  These lady Dior bags comes in different colours, pink, black, red, silver, blue, and several more colours to choose from. You can get a brand new one  at Harrods or Selfridges as well. They retails for about £2500 and above depending on what you want.  THE CHRISTIAN DIOR LADY DIOR BAG YEAR CREATED: 1995 SIZES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: MICRO, MINI/SMALL (USED INTERCHANGEABLY), REGULAR/MEDIUM, LARGE MOST RECENT PRICE INCREASE: SPRING 2015 AVAILABILITY: AVAILABLE ONLY AT CHRISTIAN DIOR BOUTIQUES Let me know your thoughts on these Christian Dior Lady Dior bags. Do you have any? In what colour?

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