Best Post Of 2016

I’m recapping 2016 with some of the top blog posts and videos from my youtube channel. Looking back, it feels amazing to see all the content I created to share with you! I’m so honored and blessed that you take the time to come to my site, watch my videos and that you love what I’m doing. I appreciate all the photographers I have worked with, especially those I worked with this year. This is also a good time of reflection for me to see what you want to see more of. It would be lovely if you could drop me a message here or on Instagram on what you would like to see on this site in the new year. I do this for you guys and your support and love has been immense and very much appreciated. Here they are: Best post of 2016 TOP POST OF 2016 POPULAR VIDEOS OF 2016 Five things you must do in Spring: How to start a fashion and beauty blog: Everyday Makeup Tutorial : Must have lipstick collection for black women:

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