Bahimi London Bikini Set And Sizing Tips

Hello my loves, since am currently enjoying the beautiful and warm Dubai weather, I thought it will be a good time to write about the most difficult challenges women face when traveling to a hot country. That is "What bikini size and style is right for my body type?  Most women find it challenging to buy their bikini set online because of the sizing that sometimes defer from your usual clothing size. I got this bikini from Bahimi London and I was hoping it would fit perfectly and yes it did. But a lot of women would agree with me that they do most times have to order online at least three times to get their perfect bikini fit. Sizes are definitive. Bahimi London Bikini Set Whether you wear a size 0 or a size 18, they represent you and your body, and how attractive you are. Well, that's what the industry says...... So many women get frustrated when their usual size doesn't fit them. Especially when you're a usual small and have to wear a medium or large bikini set. This make them believe that they must have put weight on and somehow lost their beauty if their bikinis don’t read size small. If they have to upsize, they suddenly feel fat.. Bikinis are particularly sensitive, being so small and well fitted that women come to see them as extensions of their bodies. They’re not shirts, which can be worn lose, or dresses which can be belted if necessary. They are what you are. Bahimi London Bikini Set The truth is, it is impossible to make sizing universal. Designers use a ‘fit model’ to finalise the design for their swimwear, tweaking it according to how it looks on her body. Their sizing then evolves, meaning that a medium is medium based on how it compares to her body. It is literally impossible for size to be universal. Beauty is in variation, and like all bikini sets, they are all different. That is something to be celebrated, not concerned with. Sizing is just a guide, and people need to realise that. Bahimi London Bikini Set When choosing a bikini set you have to think of your body type. It's always best to purchase the right style, size and colour for your body type. This is because brands will make their bikinis deliberately small, believing that the less cloth on the body, the better. But so many girls don’t feel comfortable with that, preferring to cover up a little more- which means that a bigger size is better for them. Not that they are bigger. Other brands want to make their tops even smaller, because they want to emphasis cleavage  and people will want to buy smaller for that reason. No matter what your preference is, there is definitely the right bikini set out there for you. Each piece is designed to be individual, and have a different effect on a woman to every other bikini. So the sizes are decided by the overall effect the designer is going for, rather than the size of body it should be worn on. And that’s the thing. Bahimi london bikini set Bikinis aren’t representative of your size, they’re representative of who you want to be and what you want to look like- a maxi skirt is technically bigger than a mini, but wearing one doesn’t mean you’re any larger. And that goes for bikinis- they’re obviously more restricted in design, so vary sizing more than anything else. My bikini set which I love so much are the perfect size for me. I am usually a small, but got a Medium in this set because I do like for my bikini set to be a little bit loose. Am soaking in the sunshine in Dubai wearing the  Bahimi London set in pink and can be purchased here.

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