Dubai here we go again! Hello lovelies, hope your week is going very well. It's been a very busy one for me as usual. I took out a bit of time off work to quickly make this post. I took some photos while on holiday and this is one of them. Dubai is a very beautiful country and worth visiting. A lot of people have some sort of perception about Dubai especially if you haven't been there before. People think you can't be free in Dubai. Of course you can while respecting their culture and tradition. The government or ruler if I may say have put so much effort in developing Dubai. No wonder tourist never cease to flood in to that part of the world. I am in no way campaigning for Dubai and I haven't been paid to do this post. I am only speaking from my own experience and my love for the country and people at large. image image I have always said,and will always say that Dubai is one of my best holiday and even work destination. You agree? Am wearing a cut-out jumpsuit from Asos, Chanel bag, and a louboutin heel. image image Have a lovely evening Love Ivy Ekong

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