Winged Liner – Perfecting The Act

  They say ‘’the fear of an eyeliner and winged eye gone bad is the beginning of wisdom’’, and I completely agree.  Waking up in the morning and deciding to do your makeup is serious business. Sometimes I wonder who invented the use of eyeliner? As if that wasn’t too much work for us ladies already, there came the winged eye invention! Oh, dear! As my husband Idy would usually say when I am applying my makeup for hours ‘’being a woman takes a lot of work’’, and he’s very right.   I like to spend time in front of the mirror, trying out different looks, experimenting with something different every day, testing products to include on the blog’s gallery.  If there’s one thing that drives me crazy though, that is eyeliner. I don’t think I’m the only person who spends at least 20 minutes fixing her eyeliner to get a perfect sculpt.  Well, not until I found out I can cheat, and make my life easy while still getting to draw that clear line along the edge of my eyelid. Hurrah, yay! Get your popcorn and drinks out, because I am about to share my secret: there are eyeliner runners and transfer stamps. winged eyeliner Eyeliner runners are made of plastic and look like guitar plectrums. These little equipment is a life saver and will make your life so much easier when it comes to perfecting your winged eye. Some people also use the paper tape under their eyes and then take it off when they are done. I have tried this before. I personally think it’s a pain especially when taking it off. Some of you might prefer this, definitely not me. winged eyeliner Transfer stamps are just genius, though, really! They are small cat-eye-shaped stamps, you just apply your eyeliner on them, and then place them on your eye. If some details are a little smudged you can correct them by hand, but that will still have taken care of the hardest part! Transfer stamps are great for those just starting out in the makeup department, if you know what I mean! They are easy to use and even a makeup novice can use this to achieve the best winged eye liner ever!  (thank me later). These can be bought from most beauty shops or online. Trust me, I have tried and tested every type of eyeliner perfector  out there and can say  this wins. You don’t care about looking impeccable, but you also know your gaze is your strength, and you want that to be clear at every moment. You might be one of those people who bring their pencil with them in their bag, coupled with a cute pocket mirror to check that it’s not smudged down all the way to your cheek during the day. Yes, I know. I am guilty too. Gel liners applied with a brush also does magic to your eyes. If you are a makeup guru then of course you can try, carved pencils, gel liners pencils, and the rest of them without needing any other technique or equipment to aid in achieving a perfect winged eye. If you are not a pro, then take my advice and buy some of the recommended makeup equipment’s to make your life easier. Hope that helps? I always love reading your comments, so leave me your comments and tell me what you think and how you achieve the perfect winged eye. Just a quick note before I say my goodbyes, my store has now launched. You can shop all those gorgeous pieces I wear here; As always, here are some more post you may find interesting here , here ,and here Love Ivy.      

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