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Long thick eyelashes have become an important trend in today’s beauty industry .

Many women can testify that having a false thick eyelashes does improve their appearance significantly. There are various options when looking for the best choice for your eyelash needs. Some women wear false thick eyelashes every day of their lives. I know of a lady who cannot step out of her home without wearing her false lashes even though she is unable to apply make up. I will recommend false lashes for special events, weddings, dinners, or just that special occasion. They are an easy, affordable way to achieve the benefit of richer lashes without much time or money spent.

Another approach that is also as effective, but a bit more expensive is getting a professional to install eyelash clusters

This process takes a little longer, lasts about 7-9 days with proper maintenance and costs anywhere from £15 – £45. (Prices may vary amongst estheticians). The optimum choice is to have a certified professional administer individual synthetic or human hair lashes. This gives you the most natural, long lasting results. Depending on your eyelashes shedding circle, retouches are done every two weeks. Most importantly, never use cheap or alternative products for your lashes as that area is very sensitive. No hair or nail glue should ever replace eyelash glue. It is advisable to talk with a certified professional, who is in a better position to advice you on what suits you best. Lashes can create a more glamorous, feminine look but only if applied properly. Seek out the very best option to get the lashes you desire. Hope you enjoyed reading this post? Tag me a photo of your newly installed eyelashes. Please share, leave your comments below, and follow me on Twitter @iconmode, and Instagram @ivy_ekong Love Ivy Ekong.

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