Miami South Beach - Summer Holiday

What an amazing holiday we've had in Miami. This city never sleeps I must say, but it's an amazing city and a place everyone must visit. If you read my last post here you will get more details regarding where we're staying, etc. This post is just to show you guys a few images of what I have been upto these past few days as we get to the end of our holiday ? Miami South beach I wore this gorgeous red dress by for a beautiful dinner with my hubby. This dress is not available online yet but it can be pre-ordered and cost £75. Send me an email if you would like to get your hands on a piece before it's official added to the online boutique. I styled my gorgeous red maxi dress with a pair of saint Laurent heels and a Chanel Classic bag. Recommended Dining In Miami - Forbreakfast / brunch we eat at the News Cafe restaurant at Ocean Drive, South Beach. This spot is very popular and have loads of celebrity sightings. Their food is amazing too and cost effective. There are loads of restaurants on Ocean drive and I would advise you explore as much as you can. - For high end fine dining, Prime 112 restaurant (don't take kids). Dress properly and elegantly too otherwise you will get a stare of unaproval from other guest and restaurant attendees. - If you love prawns, I mean giant king prawns that taste yummy!!!  try the Bubba Gump Shrimps Restaurant based at Bayside Miami.  There are other restaurant I visited, unfortunately  I can't seem to find the paper I wrote the restaurant names. I will update this post when I find it. (My apologies). Also the Fontain Bleu Hotel has loads of restaurants that are very good. From breakfast to launch or dinner. There's also a pizza and burger restaurant for kids if you're travelling with kids. My kids were addicted to the pool and the beach. They absolutely love it. For Clubs to party, go to Club Seth and the best one is Liv (Fountainbleu hotel which was under maintenance when we got here, and will be for another two weeks before it's opened to the public again). Miami Beach Another highlight from my trip was the cruise. I got to see all the A-list celebrity homes at South Beach, from Will Smith, to Puff daddy, to Naomi Campbell, Eric Iglesias, etc. They do have beautiful huge homes with huge Yachts parked in front of their homes. They sure are living the life ! That's the round up of my Miami trip. I hope you enjoyed reading! If you've never been to Miami before you need to as it's a beautiful life experience. May I also warn you that you will see loads of naked women on the streets with barely nothing on. The first day we arrived here I was like; what's going on here?? But after a few days, I just got used to seeing girls walking around the streets in pants and bikinis that it didn't bother me anymore. I guess it's because of the very hot weather or whatever their reasons are for abandoning clothes, I thought you should know especially if it's your first time visiting. I had to close my kids eyes from looking on several occasions , but oh well!! Have a good week you all. XOXO Ivy

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